Monday, November 12, 2012

Southwestern Canada, Hoe wa'a

Early version of the block print. I like the colors and the position of this image on the map.The ink I use in oil base.

Arctic Circle Hoe wa'a (Canoe Paddler)

This photograph does not due this image justice and I will update it later. The colors are soft and enhance the image of the woman in the canoe.

Northern South America, Hoe wa'a (Canoe Paddler)

This is an early proof of the block which has been changed to soften the edges and delete a few artifacts. I like the color and the position of the paddler on the map.

Caribbean Floor,Hoe wa'a

This a the newest print image of a girl in a canoe (wa'a).

Friday, September 28, 2012

West Africa Wahine

4x6" violet watercolor on 11x14" map of western Africa 
These maps were printed in 1967 so some of the countries  have changed.
Signed and titled in Hawaiian 

South China Sea Wahine

4x6" violet watercolor print on 11x14" map of South China Sea signed and dated

South America Kepi Me Niu

4x6" violet block print on 11x14" relief map of South America
Signed and titled in Hawaiian 2012

South America Globe Auinala Nalu

4x6" Afternoon Surf print on 11x14 illustrated map of South America.
Signed and titled in Hawaiian 2012

Pacific Ocean Hula Hula Wahine

Violet Watercolor print on Pacific Ocean map 11x14"
Signed and titled by Lei Halike

Ontario Kahahiaka 'Au

4x5" violet watercolor print on 11x14 map of Ontario