Monday, November 12, 2012

Southwestern Canada, Hoe wa'a

Early version of the block print. I like the colors and the position of this image on the map.The ink I use in oil base.

Arctic Circle Hoe wa'a (Canoe Paddler)

This photograph does not due this image justice and I will update it later. The colors are soft and enhance the image of the woman in the canoe.

Northern South America, Hoe wa'a (Canoe Paddler)

This is an early proof of the block which has been changed to soften the edges and delete a few artifacts. I like the color and the position of the paddler on the map.

Caribbean Floor,Hoe wa'a

This a the newest print image of a girl in a canoe (wa'a).

Friday, September 28, 2012

West Africa Wahine

4x6" violet watercolor on 11x14" map of western Africa 
These maps were printed in 1967 so some of the countries  have changed.
Signed and titled in Hawaiian 

South China Sea Wahine

4x6" violet watercolor print on 11x14" map of South China Sea signed and dated

South America Kepi Me Niu

4x6" violet block print on 11x14" relief map of South America
Signed and titled in Hawaiian 2012

South America Globe Auinala Nalu

4x6" Afternoon Surf print on 11x14 illustrated map of South America.
Signed and titled in Hawaiian 2012

Pacific Ocean Hula Hula Wahine

Violet Watercolor print on Pacific Ocean map 11x14"
Signed and titled by Lei Halike

Ontario Kahahiaka 'Au

4x5" violet watercolor print on 11x14 map of Ontario

North America Wahine

4x6" dark violet watercolor print on 11x14" map of North America 
Signed and titled in Hawaiian ,2012

Maritime Provinces Kahahaka 'Au 'Au

4x5" dark violet watercolor block print 
All the prints are pressed by hand and I am exploring halftones and changes in the boarders and halftones. 11x14"

Java Hula Wahine

4x6" dark violet ink block print on 11x14" map of Java
I am leaving off some of the boarders on the prints so the image blends with the maps.
Signed and titled in Hawaiian

Indian Ocean Wahine

4x6" watercolor ink block print on 11x14" map of the Indian Ocean
Signed and titled in Hawaiian

Thursday, September 27, 2012

East Africa Wahine

4x6" Violet Watercolor block print with Women holding fruit baskets on a 11x 14" map of East African, signed and titled in hawaiian.

Connecticut With Morning Bath

4x5" watercolor block print on map of conn and ri states, signed 

British Columbia Kahahiaka 'au 'au

4x5" violet ink watercolor block print on 11 x14" map of BC canada, signed 
I just noticed this print looks a little blue, the original is off white.

Asia Kepi Me Niu

4x6" dark violet watercolor block print on 11x 14" map of Asia
Signed and titled 

Arctic Globe With Kepi Me Niu

4x6" watercolor violet ink on 11x14" map of the arctic, titled and signed

Alberta With Kahahiaka 'au 'au

4x5" h2o violet block print on 11x14" map of Alberta, Signed and titled in Hawaiian. 2012

Africa With Kepi Me Niu

This is the relief version of Africa with Debbie. The print has a few more halftones and is a dark violet watercolor block ink. 4x6" on 11x14" vintage map. Signed and titled in Hawaiian.

Africa Globe With Kepi Me Niu

4x6" dark violet H2o block print over illustration map of the globe featuring Africa. One of my favorites! 11x14" Signed and titled in Hawaiian.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

West Indies With Eloika

4x6" dark violet watercolor print on a map of the islands of the West Indies 11x14", Signed and titled in Hawaiian. 

Western US with Eloika

4x6" dark violet watercolor block print on 11x14" map of Western US, signed,  and titled in Hawaiian.

Peru With Malipeki

4x6" dark violet watercolor block print on relief map of Peru 10x 14" Signed Lei Halike

North America With Kanakake

4x6 dark violet block print on 11x14" map of North America 

Globe With Malipeki Me Hala Kahiki

4x5" dark violet print on 11x14 illustration of the globe and or the pacific ocean. Signed and titled in Hawaiian and English.

Florida With Eloika

4x5" Dark Violet Watercolor Block print on road map of Florida is signed and titled in Hawaiian 11x14"

Languages of Europe With Lei

4x5" dark violet block print of Lei Me Papa He 'Enalu on an old map of the breakdown of languages in Europe. 11x14"

Eastern US With Kanakake Me 'Ai

4x6" watercolor violet block print on an old road map of the eastern US. Signed and titled in Hawaiian and the full size is 11x14". 

Columbia Kanakake Me 'Ai

4x6" linocut printed with dark violet on a relief map of Colombia and Venezuela.
This is also one of the first few block prints I did to capture the primitive nature of beauty through the tropical motif. 11x14" 

Chile Malipeki Me Hala Kahiki

4x5" violet watercolor block print on a 11x14" map of southern Chile and Argentina.
Signed and titled in Hawaiian. 

Antique America With Lei

This antique map works well with the graphic of Lei Me Papa he 'Enalu. The image is smaller, but is on a 11x14" page. I feel like drawing some sea serpents in the oceans attacking some tall ships.

Africa Kanakake Me 'Ai

Candace With Fruit is a 4x6" print on an old map of Africa. The borders have changed since the printing and it is shows the topography. 11x14" watercolor in dark violet signed  and titled in Hawaiian.

World With Lei Me Papa He 'Enalu

This is an map of the revolutions around the world from 1776-1826 with the image of Lei Halike with surfboard. It is a 4x5" print on the 11x14" map. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Southeast Asia Lei Me Papa He 'Enalu

4x5" violet watercolor ink print on old map of southeast asia 11x14"
signed and titled in hawaiian and english

America Lei Me Papa He 'Enalu

Ray With Surfboard is a 4x5" dark violet watercolor ink on an old map of America.

Australia Eloika Me Hua 'Ai

Titled in Hawaiian and English and measures 11x14". The blocks are editions of 100.

Caribbean Eloika Me Hua 'Ai

This is the first print I did of the tropical series. It was carved in a soft plate of a rubber material. Sometimes I draw an indication of a face, but she really does not need one. The map is 11x 14" and the ink is a dark violet watercolor ink.

Pacific Islands, Malipeki Me Hala Kahiki

Block print on one of my favorite maps of the Pacific Islands. The violet ink is printed on the 11x14" map from an old atlas. It has both Hawaiian and English Titles. 

Latin America With Malipeki

Violet Watercolor based block ink on a 11x14 in map of north and south american map. Signed and titled in Hawaiian. Maribeth With Pineapple:)

Alaska Kankake Me 'Ai

Candace with Fruit over the map of Alaska measures 11x 14" and is printed with a violet water based ink. Signed and titled in Hawaiian.

Kanakake Me 'Ai

This is a 4x6" print over the map of Africa relief which is 11 x 14". 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Archpel des Toamoto

27" x50" nautical chart with block images. This is the newest direction I am taking using the linocut prints over nautical maps. They are placed so much of the geography of the islands is visible. This map has 18 4x6 and 4x5 inch art hand printed on it.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Block Print Images

This post is of the collection of images created on block. More will be added in the future. They may be purchased on acid free printing paper or be requested on a particular map.The editions are of 100 for each block.
WAHO                                      OUTSIDE                      5 X 4 

AHAOO ME PUA                                  SOPHIA WITH FLOWERS       4 X 5   

LEI ME PAPA HE ‘ ENALU                    RAY WITH SURFBOARD                         5 X 4    

KEPI ME NIU                          DEBBIE WITH COCONUT             6 X 4    

KANI ME PAPA HE’ ENALU                 CONNIE WITH SURFBOARD                   6 X 4    

KAIKAMAHINE ME MAKAKI’L         CHILD WITH MASK                               4 X 6    
KIA’L                                       OBSERVE                                               4 X 5    

KE MALANI                                        CASUAL KNOWLEDGE                           5 X 4 

AUINALA NALU                                 AFTERNOON SURF                                6 X 4    

ALAKA’L                                              LEADER                                                 4 X 5 
Eloika me hua’ai                               ELOISE WITH FRUIT                               5 x 4    



KAHAHIAKA ‘AU’AU              MORNING BATH                                  4 X 5    

WAHINE                                               WOMEN                                              6 X 4    

HULAHULA WAHINE               HULA WOMEN                                    4 X 6    

KELAMA HE’E NALU               THELMA TO SURF                                 4 X 6    

ANELIKA A ME UKULELE                   ANGELICA WITH A UKELELE                 6 X 4    

KALONI HULAHULA                            CORA HULA                                         4 X 3    

MAKALEKA A ME LULIA                    MARGARET WITH JULIA                       6 X 4    

’AU                                          BATH                                                    4 X 5    

LAWAI’A LOE                                        FISHERMAN JOE                                   6 X 4 

ALENA ME KELE                                  ALLAN WITH HONEY                           4 X 5    

MAKUAHINE ME KEKI                      MOTHER WITH CHILD                           6 X 4 

KAPALINA ME MAKAKI’L                  SABRINA WITH MASKS                         6 X 4 

WALONIKA KOHANA              VERONICA NUDE                                4 X 6 

LUMI KUKE                           KITCHEN                                              4 X 6 

AKALIKE ME PA PALAHALAHA            ASTRID WITH PLATTER                           6 X 4 

KALENA ME PAPA HE’ ENALU            KAREN WITH SURFBOARD                    6 X 4    

AUINALA LAWAI’A                              AFTERNOON FISH                                 5 X 4    

MALEANA AI WAHI INU LAMA         MARIANNE AT THE BAR                      4 X 6 

WAHI NANA                            LOOKOUT                                             6 X 4