Thursday, April 19, 2012

Makaleka a me Lulia Asia

Margaret with Julia This map measures 8"x12" and has the two tropical girls printed over the right hand side of the map. It is labeled in Hawaiian and signed Lei Halike on the bottom left.

Lei me papa enalu caribbean

Ray w/ surfboard Caribbean map. This image is 4x5 printed on a 8x12  color map and titled in hawaiian, signed bottom right Lei Halike.

Lei Me Papa 'Enalu Gulf Coast

This is a atlas map of the southern Untied States and Mexico with the Lei Me Papa 'Enalu which means Ray with Surfboard in Hawaiian. It is titled on the top left and signed bottom right. 2011

Lawai'a Loe Pacific

This print is over a Pacific map and is titled Fisherman Joe. It is 8x12" and is signed Lei Halike on the bottom left.

Kepi me aui pacific

This is Debbie With Coconut print is tiltled in hawaiian on the top left an signed Lei Halike bottom right. It was printed in 2011 and is over a 8x12 map of the western pacific and Asia.

Kepi me aiu california

Titled in Hawaiian top left Debbie With Coconuts measures 8"x 12". The linocut is 4" x 6" and is printed over the western United States and Hawaiian Islands. Signed bottom left Lei Halike 2011.

Ke Malani America

Casual Knowledge  America is a 4x5" print over the Northern and Southern American continents. It is signed Lei Halike on the bottom right.

Kanakale Me Ai SA

Candace With Fruit South America is a 4x6" print on a map of south america showing the natural vegetation of the continent. It is signed Lei Halike.

Kalina me papa he enalu world map

Karen with surfboard on world map art block print. It is a 4x6" print on the 8x12"map.

Kalena Me Papa He'enalu Australia

Karen with surfboard australia is titled in Hawaiian top left. It is a 4x6" print on a 8x12" map of the Indian ocean, Indonesia, and Australia.

Kaikamahine me makaki'l

Child with mask on indian ocean map is printed on an 8x12" map, titled and signed in Hawaiian. It is on a relief map.

Kepi Pacific

8x12  block print titled in Hawaiian, over the China continent. It is titled and signed in Hawaiian. Dated 2011, this is one of my favorite images.

Wahine West Coast

This is a 4x6" print over a map of the western United States and Alaska. It is titled and signed in Hawaiian and dated 2011. The map is 8x12".

Ventura Surf Selection 1

This is another artist proofs of three prints. It is printed on a warm paper and measures 8x23".

Tropical Selection 3

This is an artist's proof with 4x5" prints on a warm paper. It has the hawaiian titles on the bottom and the english translations. It is signed Lei Halike and dated.

Tropical Selection 2

This is an early version of a artist proof with four 4x6" tropical prints. It has been modified with half tones with silver paint to match the framing.

Tropical Selection 1

block print on warm paper with a selection of 4x6" prints.

Kopi World

Sophia World 10x14 block art

Kopi BC

10x14 British Columbia Map with Sophia Signed lower right

Kopi Atlantic

Sophia Atlantic is a 4x6" woodblock print  on  a 10x14' map of the Atlantic Ocean.

Iona Me Keka S. China

Jon with Kat  on south china sea map 10x14 oil/block art  The artist's initials are in the block art bottom right.

Iona Me Keka Brazil

block print map northest s.america 10x14" oil linocut

Iona Me Keka Japan

Jon with Kat   Japan Map 10x 14

Iona Me Keka Africa

Jon With Kat is the English translation of this tropical 4x6" block print on  a map of the continents of Europe and Africa. The map measures 10 x 14"

Eloika SEamerica

Eloise With Fruit  is a 8x12" map of the southeastern United States with the 4 x5 block print by Lei Halike. It is signed and titled on the bottom.


Ann w/Ukulele is titled in Hawaiian. It is a 4x5" oil linocut on a relief map of North America.


Leader/Australia is a 4 x5 " print on the map of Australia. Titled and signed in Hawaiian.