Saturday, August 25, 2012

Archpel des Toamoto

27" x50" nautical chart with block images. This is the newest direction I am taking using the linocut prints over nautical maps. They are placed so much of the geography of the islands is visible. This map has 18 4x6 and 4x5 inch art hand printed on it.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Block Print Images

This post is of the collection of images created on block. More will be added in the future. They may be purchased on acid free printing paper or be requested on a particular map.The editions are of 100 for each block.
WAHO                                      OUTSIDE                      5 X 4 

AHAOO ME PUA                                  SOPHIA WITH FLOWERS       4 X 5   

LEI ME PAPA HE ‘ ENALU                    RAY WITH SURFBOARD                         5 X 4    

KEPI ME NIU                          DEBBIE WITH COCONUT             6 X 4    

KANI ME PAPA HE’ ENALU                 CONNIE WITH SURFBOARD                   6 X 4    

KAIKAMAHINE ME MAKAKI’L         CHILD WITH MASK                               4 X 6    
KIA’L                                       OBSERVE                                               4 X 5    

KE MALANI                                        CASUAL KNOWLEDGE                           5 X 4 

AUINALA NALU                                 AFTERNOON SURF                                6 X 4    

ALAKA’L                                              LEADER                                                 4 X 5 
Eloika me hua’ai                               ELOISE WITH FRUIT                               5 x 4    



KAHAHIAKA ‘AU’AU              MORNING BATH                                  4 X 5    

WAHINE                                               WOMEN                                              6 X 4    

HULAHULA WAHINE               HULA WOMEN                                    4 X 6    

KELAMA HE’E NALU               THELMA TO SURF                                 4 X 6    

ANELIKA A ME UKULELE                   ANGELICA WITH A UKELELE                 6 X 4    

KALONI HULAHULA                            CORA HULA                                         4 X 3    

MAKALEKA A ME LULIA                    MARGARET WITH JULIA                       6 X 4    

’AU                                          BATH                                                    4 X 5    

LAWAI’A LOE                                        FISHERMAN JOE                                   6 X 4 

ALENA ME KELE                                  ALLAN WITH HONEY                           4 X 5    

MAKUAHINE ME KEKI                      MOTHER WITH CHILD                           6 X 4 

KAPALINA ME MAKAKI’L                  SABRINA WITH MASKS                         6 X 4 

WALONIKA KOHANA              VERONICA NUDE                                4 X 6 

LUMI KUKE                           KITCHEN                                              4 X 6 

AKALIKE ME PA PALAHALAHA            ASTRID WITH PLATTER                           6 X 4 

KALENA ME PAPA HE’ ENALU            KAREN WITH SURFBOARD                    6 X 4    

AUINALA LAWAI’A                              AFTERNOON FISH                                 5 X 4    

MALEANA AI WAHI INU LAMA         MARIANNE AT THE BAR                      4 X 6 

WAHI NANA                            LOOKOUT                                             6 X 4 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kalina on Australian Map

11 x 14 oil block print  a/p. This is an original print with additional tropical foliage painted on it. The surf title was also added from a woodblock print.

China Sea Map With Surfers

original block print with bamboo frame 11x 14 oil print a/p  This print has the artist's initials carved in the bottom right corner. It was executed in 2012.

Surfers on Brazil Map

original signed print   11 x 14  a/p. This map in also from an old atlas and has the pair of surfers printed off center to show the coast of South America.

Japan Map With Surfers

Signed original block print  11x14 oil a/p. This is another map with the two surers, which I call Jon and Cat, over the map of the Japan Map.

African Surfers

Signed bottom right rh        original block print a/p . This map shows two continents, Europe and Africa with the print of two surfers over west Africa.

Belgium Bar Kitchen

Original Autographed block print by Halike 11 x 14 oil  a/p These are a couple prints in a bar and kitchen, over western Europe.

Polar Bath Map

Signed original block print measures 11x14" oil a/p  This map has two linocuts over the map of  the North Pole or Arctic region of the world. Another atlas map from the mid century.

Australian Surf Casual Knowledge

Original block print 11x 14" by Lei Halike. The print is titled casual knowledge and includes the word "surf" over the map of the world area north of Australia.